Video: Genuine German-grown hops – quality and taste from Europe

This short animated explainer video describes the advantages of German hops, the history of hops cultivation in Germany as well as German hops innovations. Link.


Video: European quality assurance and hop law

This short animated explainer video describes the European and German hop certification process. In addition, German hop law, the traceability of German hops and the German quality control process are illustrated. Link.


PDF: Quality and traceability of German hops


Carlos Ruis from Germany’s HVG (Hopfenverwertungsgesellschaft), a hops marketing cooperative, gave a well-received speech at China Brew and Beverage exhibition in Shanghai 2016 about the quality and traceability of German hops. This PPT is a detailed look at the mechanisms behind the German hops quality controls and European quality seals. Download.


Video: Hops cultivation in Germany

The movie “Hops from Hallertau” was produced by the hop planters association in Hallertau/Germany (Hopfenpflanzerverband Hallertau e.V.). In this movie, Hallertau represents hops cultivation in all of Germany. It shows cultivation, crop maintenance, harvest, and quality control mechanisms of German hops. Hallertau is the largest hops producing region in Germany, cultivating hops (EU-certified g.g.A. hops) on more than 15,500 ha.