German Hops

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German Hops

Learn more about the advantages of genuinely German-grown hops

Guarantee of premium quality

German hops are packaged and sealed by the growers directly after harvest. The seal contains all of the relevant information: country of origin, growing region, crop year, variety, and specification of whether the hops were processed or not. Read more.

Tradition creates innovation

Over the course of the centuries, creative brewers developed more innovative beers—and continue doing so today. New dosage forms such as dry-hopping in the cold storage area during or after fermentation have recently enriched the flavor of beers. Read more.

Two labels for purest hop quality

Early on, the producers of high-quality specialties in the different European countries already paid attention to quality, tradition, and origins. Various quality labels were used to indicate this at first sight. As protection for the growers and identification for… Read more.

Genuine German-grown hops. Quality from Europe. Guaranteed.

Beer tastes even better with high-quality ingredients. This is why discerning breweries around the world choose high-quality, controlled premium raw materials from the European Union. German-grown hops are strictly monitored… Read more.