Brew masters have been making beer for hundreds of years and many people thought of beer as a more-or-less uniform product. That changed with the recent advent of the modern craft brewers. Even though the craft beer movement is only beginning to mature, craft brewers started a small revolution around the world.

Craft brewers use different hops types and other ingredients to give their beer a distinct flavor. Mandarin, rose, even wine flavors can be found in the innovative brews of craft beer. German premium hops have proven to be a key ingredient in craft beer to deliver high quality and consistent results in the brewing process.

To no small extent, this is due to innovative German specialty hops that deliver innovative sensory experiences. Mandarina Bavaria, for example has a fruity, citrus-like flavor. Hull Mellon delivers a fruity flavor and Hallertau Blanc reminds of wine.

Aroma hops cultivated in Germany are among the most excellent hops types available. They carry a greater spectrum of flavors and contain often less than half the amount of alpha acid when compared to traditional bitter hops. This is the foundation for successful new brews with attractive characteristics and flavors.

There is yet another aspect of craft beer that deserves mention. Aroma hops and craft beer can be used to expand the beer category as a whole and entice new customers to become beer lovers. In a difficult market environment, this is welcome news. Surely, the future of craft beer is bright and German aroma hops will continue to help brew masters to deliver innovative beer flavors.