AMARILLO® – VGXP01 is a hop plant that was bred in the United States of America. Today, it is also grown and harvested in Germany, for example in the Hallertau region, the largest continuous hops growing area in the world.

The main application of Amarillo® has been in a wide range of craft beers in the USA, many of them had very successfully built their brand on Amarillo®. The unique aroma profile makes Amarillo® so special, which is – partly – because its myrcene oil content is above average. This helps to explain its grapefruit and orange flavor. The aroma bouquet can be described as flowery, spicy and citrus-like with a distinct orange note.

Amarillo key characteristics are:

Alpha Acid Composition: 8%-11%
Beta Acid Composition: 6%-7%
Co-Humulone Composition: 21%-24%
Total Oil Composition: 1.5-1.9 mL/100g
Myrcene Oil Composition: 68%-70%
Humulene Oil Composition: 9%-11%
Caryophyllene Oil: 2%-4%
Farnesene Oil: 2%-4%

Care should be given to the right amount of hopping. The high myrcene level may add a metallic flavor to the beer if Amarillo® is used in very high doses. Used in the right amount, Amarillo® is a dual purpose hop plant; it can be used for its aroma or for bittering potential.

The superior flavoring properties of Amarillo® are not the only advantages of these high-quality flavor hops from Germany. German hops are protected by the EU and are products of origin. German hops are displaying the EU quality labels PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) respectively PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

Amarillo® hops grown in Germany are already available on the market. It is the perfect hop variety for creating innovative beer flavors that have the power to attract beer lovers in China and Asia.