The beautiful town of Wolnzach in Germany is far from being one of the country’s most populous cities. But for beer lovers, it is definitely one of the most important places in Europe.

Wolnzach is located in the heart of the Hallertau region in the south of Germany. Here, in the state of Bavaria, lies the largest continuous hop-growing area in the world. According to the International Hop Growing Convention, Germany produces roughly one third of the world’s hops; over 80% of which are grown in the Hallertau.

That may be why hops are the fabric that hold the town together. Besides the numerous family-owned farms that plant, harvest and package hops, a hops research facility is located here. One of its tasks is creating new hops varieties, such as the new Mandarina Bavaria. This particular hop type is often used for brewing craft beer, because its taste reminds of citrus fruits.

The city is also home to the German hop museum. Everything you ever wanted to know about hops is on display here, including the history of hop cultivation. Tourists, who like to explore the great Bavarian outdoors on their own and at the same time learn about hops, will enjoy the hop educational trail in Wolnzach.

Another main hop town in Germany is Mainburg, also located in Bavaria.  In Mainburg important stores and processing facilities for natural hops are situated. This town is home to the famous “Gallimarkt”. It is an annual festival with lots of local food specialties and a fair ground with traditional rides and also hosts the most important trade fair for hop harvesting and processing special machineries. Tourists who want to learn more about hops and beer and at the same time enjoy the wonderful Bavarian landscape, can explore the hop education trail in Mainburg.

Both Wolnzach and Mainburg are excellent tourist destinations for people to visit, enjoy and learn about hops.