Europe is home to many countries. Although they are much smaller than China or the US, each one has its own language, cultural identity and, of course, its own food specialties. Many of these specialties are certified by the quality labels of the European Union. If you combine some of the certified food items, it is possible to create a delightful snack or even an entire meal. For example, to create a hearty dinner, include Bacalhau de Cura (a type of salty fish) from Portugal, or Serrano Ham from Spain. For true fish lovers, Wild Scottish Salmon from the UK is a mouthwatering option.

There are many delicious beer specialties brewed with certified hops from Germany (provided for example by hop marketing cooperation HVG) that go well with these EU certified foods.

The most popular beer specialty in Germany is the Pils. This traditional brew is made with lots of hops and tastes slightly bitter. Weizen, on the other hand, is a beer that is made not only with barley malt, but also wheat malt. Thus, it has its own distinct flavor. In addition, the alcohol content is slightly higher than in a Pils.

In addition, there are many regional brews such as Koelsch, a type of beer that can only be made in the area around the German city of Cologne. Or Berliner Weisse, a beer originating from Berlin that has some refreshingly sour notes in its taste bouquet.

No matter which delicacies you select, any items that carry the food label of the European Union are certain to be delicious and healthy.