Today, hops are mostly known as an ingredient in beer that gives the beverage flavor and prevents premature spoilage. However, for centuries, hops have been used as herbal medicine.

The medical benefits of the hop plant are probably more numerous than is currently known. As many bitter plants, hops and hops extracts may eventually prove to be able to fight various diseases. Currently, researchers are trying to determine how the health benefits, such as anti viral properties of hops, can be used most effectively.

Lastly, hops have another, maybe surprising, use. The young shoots are edible and can be cooked similar to asparagus. Some towns in Bavaria even have special festivals to celebrate the season where hops shoots are available to create delicious dishes.

This proves that hops are a true multi talent.

Note: In 2018, hops were proclaimed “Herb of the Year” (for more information please see the following link: Already in 2007, hops were named as the medicinal plant of the year by the study group  for the history of medical plants – University Würzburg – Germany.