In hop growing regions in Germany, the green gold is the main economic income generator. Thus, it is not surprising to see that hops are also playing a big role in the cultural life of the area. There are hops carnivals, hops harvest events, and of course, beer festivals. But did you know that hops have also found its way into jewelry?

Christian Kohler is a jewelry maker who takes inspiration from nature and the fields surrounding his home town. In his studio he creates hops cones and hops leaves jewelry. For Kohler, making jewelry is a passion. He often spends hours in his studio trying out new techniques and new forms until he finds the right material and the right shape for his unique creations.

Creating jewelry has been his hobby for a long time. He learned the trade during his studies to become a teacher where it was part of his curriculum. Ever since that time, he has been creating shiny bracelets, rings and necklaces.

The idea to incorporate hops into his work occurred to him when he saw the traditional dress for women, called Dirndl, was becoming fashionable again. He felt it was missing something and that is when he decided to create hops jewelry. Not only is he using hops cones and leaves made of silver but also old seals from hops growing towns and villages in the area.

This artist is utilizing premium hops as an inspiration to create premium jewelry. His art is a valuable addition to art scene in Hallertau, the largest hops growing region in Germany. German hops are protected by the EU and are products of origin. German hops are protected by the EU and are products of origin. German hops are displaying the EU quality labels PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) respectively PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and guarantee European high quality products.