Craft brewers introduced beer that tastes like lemon, peach or wine. Today, their brew pubs can be found in many cities all around the world catering to beer lovers who ask for innovative taste experiences. That is why aroma hops varieties are in high demand.

Let’s introduce three aroma hops from Germany and their key characteristics:

Mandarina Bavaria

Total oil content: 1,5 – 2,1 ml/100 g
Alphaacids: 7,0 – 10,0 %
Polyphenol: 2,3 – 2,7 %
Taste characteristics: Mandarine and orange flavor, citrus like.

Hallertau Blanc

Total oil content: 1,5 – 1,8 ml/100 g
Alphaacids: 9,0 – 11,0 %
Polyphenol: 3,1 %
Taste characteristics: Green fruits, mango, gooseberry.

Huell Melon

Total oil content: 1,4 – 2,1 ml/100 g
Alphaacids: 7,0 – 8,0 %
Polyphenol: 3,0 %
Taste characteristics: Sweet flavors, strawberry, apricot, honeymelon.

These innovative hop varieties are perfect for creating a reliable, brandable taste in beer. This is important all across the industry. Today, even craft brewers realized that certain tastes sell better than others. Beer drinkers want that special IPA or that certain beer which has become the signature brew of a craft brewery. That is why breweries small and large demand consistent quality in their raw materials.

German hops are protected by the EU and are products of origin. German hops are displaying the EU quality labels PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) respectively PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and guarantee European high quality products.

The new hops varieties are an asset for every craft beer brewer large or small. Premium hops from Hallertau, Tettnang, Spalt, and Elbe Saale are always tested for homogeneity and residues. And last but not least, they can be traced back to the individual farm where they were harvested.