06-1Beer tastes even better with high-quality ingredients. This is why discerning breweries around the world choose high-quality, controlled premium raw materials from the European Union. German-grown hops are strictly monitored from cultivation through to processing and stand for consistent high quality.

German hops carry the protected designation of origin of the European Union, similar to other agricultural products and foodstuffs sourced from specific European cities or regions. For example, champagne from France, Allgäu Emmental cheese from Germany, Grana Padano Parmesan cheese from Italy, and more than 700 other products from the European Union member states.

Germany looks back on a long beer tradition. The German purity law from 1516 states that except for water, only three ingredients may be used to make beer: hops, barley malt, and yeast.

What many do not know: hops, which give beer its proper aroma, also have a long tradition of quality control in Germany—to this day. The result: lots of flavor for connoisseurs of good beer. And a decisive competitive edge for beer brewers who aim to offer their customers pure enjoyment. Worldwide.